Card Processors Trick C-Stores Into New Contracts

Be on the alert - there's a new EBT scam in town, and they're targeting goEBT customers. Recently, we’ve had several retailers call us and ask if we were sending them updated equipment from another company.  Other retailers have asked whether we were partnering with other companies, and if they needed to send back their current equipment. These retailers reported receiving letters and emails from other companies telling them that they are being switched to a new EBT processing provider, and that their current provider is a part of the transition. This is a scam! We looked into this situation, and discovered companies using false statements to trick goEBT retailers into paying for their EBT processing services.

One such company is Northern Payments.  We’ve had several retailers reach out to our goEBT support team stating that they received a letter or a call informing them that they would be receiving “upgraded” EBT processing equipment and needed to return the devices they were currently using.  Retailers are being roped into doing business with these companies that do not provide the same benefits as the ones they have with goEBT, and usually for more money.

Please beware of any such calls, emails, or letters you may receive.  Here are some things to keep in mind to avoid being scammed:

  • If a representative does not identify themselves as a goEBT employee, they are not reaching out on our behalf.
  • If you receive any letters or emails, please check for the goEBT logo or contact information to verify whether or not it is real.
  • If you are unsure about a recent interaction you have had in regards to your EBT processing service and/or equipment, please contact us before taking any further action or giving any information.

We will continue to keep our goEBT retailers updated with the latest information, and are always here to answer any questions or address concerns.

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