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    4 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

    Retailers need to know the importance of building customer loyalty for their business. Even convenience store owners, grocers, pharmacies, and other specialty retailers experience the benefits loyal customers bring. Returning customers spend 67% more than new customers, according to Winning these customers can also increase awareness for your store, ultimately generating more foot traffic. Repeat customers are likely to recommended your business to a friend or write a review, improving your business’ reputation and drawing in more customers. 4 ways to build customer loyalty for your business are…


    1. Get to Know Your Customers

    Learning who your customers are allows you to not only build a relationship with them but also create buyer personas for your business. Creating buyer personas will allow you to tailor your business to your typical customers, which will lead to attracting the right customers to your business who will likely be repeat visitors. Learn more about creating buyer personas in this blog from HubSpot. When you build a relationship with your customers, they feel more valued and will likely continue to return to your business.

    1. Encourage Feedback

    Allowing your customer to feel like their concerns are being heard will make the customer feel valued and show you are always willing to make improvements to your business. When customers feel valued, they are more likely to keep coming back.

    1. Interact With Your Customers on Social Media

    Interacting with your customers on social media is a fun way for the customer to engage with your business. This can also increase awareness for your business, as many people are on social media. Social media is also extremely cost effective and can deliver great results for your business.

    1. Set Up a Referral Program

    Encourage customers to refer people to your business by incentivizing referrals. This provides an incentive for the customer to keep coming back and also brings new customers through your door. This can be another cost-effective way to build customer loyalty while also bringing in new customers!


    Loyal customers can have a huge impact on business. These customers can get your business through tough times while also helping you thrive during the best times. These are just a few ways to build customer loyalty for your store.


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