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    5 Blogs Every Small Business Owner Should Be Reading

    If you have been reading our goEBT blog articles, you know that we try our hardest to feature information that covers all the most important topics for small business owners, especially those in the food retail space and those that accept SNAP EBT benefits.  While we’re always keeping our eyes and ears out for what is valuable to merchants, there’s a good chance we can’t cover EVERYTHING.  To make sure you’re keeping up with all the latest news, tips, trends, and opportunities, you should be seeking information from as many sources as possible.

    Here’s a quick list of some small business blogs that are great for gathering quick but helpful information every day.

    Because the credit card company American Express is very well-versed in the challenges, needs, and pitfalls for small business, they are also a great resource for information that can help business owners make the right decisions.  Obviously much of what American Express posts on their blog relates in some way to financial aspects of business and consumer behavior, but there are plenty of other topics covered occasionally as well.

    The name of this publication should tell you a lot about the information you’ll find there.  Entrepreneur not only posts on their blog, they also publish a regular print publication that you can subscribe to and have delivered to your home and/or business.  Entrepreneur is not a blog just for those who have been to business school.  The writers produce content for business owners from all walks of life about a very broad range of topics.

    Do you like blogs/news outlets that cover the high-level basics AND the more detailed topics?  Small Business Trends is a great blog for this.  Small Business Trends also has their own event list and resource center to help you gain access to even more than just what you can read or view online or in the magazine.

    This blog features content from every aspect of being a small business owner, including tips for starting a new business.  Mind My Business, or MMB, has a much more relaxed vibe to all the content which makes reading through the various articles very easy.  Still, you can find a lot of valuable unique blog posts here daily.

    Small Biz Daily is a blog for small business owners and start ups that not only offers advice and news, but also daily inspirational content.  This publication is one that truly understands how difficult and rewarding small business ownership can be and wants to help you throughout all of it.