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    FNS Reauthorization: 5 Things You Need to Know

    FNS reauthorization might sound like another painful task you want to put off, but the reality is the process is easier than you think! How do you know you need to apply for FNS reauthorization? You will receive a letter in the mail telling you that it is time to re-apply! In the meantime, here are some important things to know…


    Important Things to Know:

    1. The FNS reauthorization is an online application

    • You have 30 days to complete your reauthorization application


    1. You may need to submit additional documentation


    Some documentation that might be required for your FNS reauthorization includes:

    1. You will have to verify business revenue through submitting supporting documentation

    These documents include...

    • Invoice records
    • Sales records
    • Tax filings
    • Bills of sale

    *note that this is to determine if you sell to much hot/prepared foods to qualify

    1. You will need to verify your inventory

      • A USDA employee will visit your store to verify inventory
      • If inventory is insufficient at the time, you may have to provide records to verify your stores inventory levels within 21 days of the visit
    2. The USDA will issue a decision with two possible outcomes

      • If approved, you are good to continue accepting SNAP
      • If denied, you have the right to appeal


    While the FNS reauthorization process is multi-step, it is not as painful as it seems. If you come prepared with required documentation, the application will be a breeze!


    For more information visit goEBT’s FNS Reauthorization Resources