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    2018 Summer C- Store Trends

    Business Owners should pay close attention to the latest trends. If you can predict the emerging trends, you can determine what business decisions you should make for the upcoming year. Summer is starting, and the latest trends are coming with it. There will likely be frequent stops at convenience stores to stock up on snacks and refuel. In-store sales have only continued to grow since 2002 and this summer will be no different. To help you anticipate what this summer has in store, we have put together a list of trends your C-Store should be ready for.


    You might be thinking your highest selling items during the summer would be soda and candy, but this is not true. Your highest selling items during the summer are salty snacks.They are the fifth-best-selling item, just behind cigarettes, packaged beverages, beer, and other tobacco products.

     Items to Consider

    • David’s Sunflower Seeds
    • Nature Valley Bars
    • Clif Bars
    • Yoplait

    Check out this website (see PDF) to see what have been ranked as the best selling salty products.  You could see a 17% increase in sales of these items so make sure you can keep them stocked up.

    Don’t forget that your customers want drinks when buying their salty snacks. C-Stores sell majority of the beer purchased in the country. This percentage will only rise during the summer with a 9% increase during the summer months. Sodas do not see as much of a selling increase as salty snacks, but it is still a big reason why customers stop by a c-store in the first place.


    Customers are looking for more than just snacks when they’re stopping for a gas fill up. 56%  of convenience stores owners expect to see a growth in sandwiches and meals over the summer. Convenience stores have become more than just a place for a drink, it has become a one stop shop for everything. If you want to be your customers “one stop shop” store, you need to be able to offer them exactly what they want. They want more than hotdogs or nachos, customers are also looking for healthier meal options that are higher quality, fresh, and often vegan options.

    Items to Consider

    • Sandwiches
    • Prepacked salads
    • Fruit bowls

    Brands to Consider

    • Healthy Choice
    • Lean Cuisine
    • Smart Ones

    Seasonal product placement

    Stops at convenience stores can often be unplanned, so putting fast moving products in the front for impulse buyers is a good idea. This is often referred to as the “bullseye” spot that grabs your customers attention as soon as they walk in. Some examples of things you would want to move to the front of the stores would be your snacks, then placing a compliment item such as a soda next to it so the customer is more likely to buy both.

    Go outside of edible options and consider selling other things such as glasses, tumblers, or small coolers. Another idea is if your ice cream freezer is in the back, you may want to consider moving it to the front. Now would be a great time to consider adding in goEBT’s preferred product, Dippin Dots. This could drive more foot traffic and increase your sales.

     Your summer months from June to August could bring your highest sales of the year, maybe even 4.5% higher than the other seasons. Make sure you’re taking advantage of the opportunity.


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