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    USDA Increases School Lunch Funding Amid Rising Costs

    On July 22, 2022, the USDA announced a funding increase “to help schools continue to serve kids healthy meals this coming school year and provide financial relief for schools and child care providers.” The increase will be effective July 1, 2022, and schools will receive an additional $0.68 per free/reduced lunch meals and $0.32 per free/reduced breakfast meals. This effort from the Biden-Harris Administration is intended to help schools and childcare facilities combat the rising costs of food and supplies.


    With the required annual adjustment and the temporary per-meal boost from the Keep Kids Fed Act, this overall increase will “pump an estimated $4.3 billion more into school meal and childcare meal programs across the nation this school year, in addition to the nearly $2 billion in additional funding USDA has already provided.”


    This is another effort from USDA to help combat rising costs and continuous food supply chain issues. Stacy Dean, deputy under secretary for food, nutrition, and consumer services said: “USDA is fully committed to using every resource in its toolbelt to ensure kids get the healthy meals they need to grow, learn, and thrive.”


    Additional USDA efforts to support school meal programs include...

    Picture1src: USDA


    This initiative is another effort from the USDA that ties into its Food Transformation Framework which aims to create a more resilient food system and work towards creating fair market prices for Americans.


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