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    EBT For Farmers Markets is a SNAP

    EBT, the payment system for SNAP benefits, is available in more farmers markets than you may think. In fact, EBT is accepted in farmers markets in all 50 states! EBT being accepted in farmers markets provides a number of benefits for both farmers and SNAP recipients including…


    Increased access to healthy foods

    Farmers markets are an excellent way to provide healthy, nutritious foods to everyone. The markets increase access to local, fresh grown produce, meats, dairy products, and more. Farmers can take this impact a step further, by accepting SNAP and EBT benefits and making more fresh fruits and vegetables available to underserved areas. When SNAP/EBT is are accepted at farmers markets, the amount of fruits and vegetables consumed by low-income individuals increases. SNAP recipients are able to consume more fruits and vegetables in this case because farmers markets provide a new method of access.


    Create a sense of community

    Farmers markets are a great way to get plugged into your local community. Whether its chatting about the best meat cut or vegetable pairing or learning about the farming process, the farmers market is a great way for farmers and consumers to connect. Additionally, you support your local community when you use/accept EBT for SNAP benefits at the local market. By accepting EBT, you open the door to a wider audience, creating a welcoming community and a market that everyone can visit.


    Boost the local economy

    Markets where SNAP is accepted experience an increase in revenue. This is because these markets are opening their doors to a whole new market which brings in more customers and more revenue. In fact, $24.4 million in SNAP benefits were redeemed at farmers markets across the US in 2017, a 35.2% increase from 2012. This increase was made possible by not only support from local and national governments but also farmers markets that provide incentives for SNAP redemptions, as well as FNS by increasing educational resources on farmers markets and EBT.


    All in all, farmers markets are great community pillars, even more so when they help their neighbors and welcome the underserved in their communities by accepting EBT.


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