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    5 Ways to Combat Labor Shortage

    Labor shortage is just one of the many impacts the pandemic has had on our economy. In 2021, 47 million workers resigned from their jobs to find more flexible workplaces. The pandemic seemed to make more workers realize they value work-life balance above all else, and they won’t settle for less than what they want. That being said, it is sometimes difficult for store owners to meet these requirements, but here are 5 ways you can combat labor shortage issues.

    1. Improve Your Recruitment Process

    Try to find candidates in fun and unique ways. Get active on social media, attend career fairs, get plugged in with the community, etc. Focus on competent and adaptable candidates who have problem-solving skills and work well in teams vs. trying to find the exact match for your job listing.

    2. Offer Competitive Pay + Benefits

    As mentioned earlier, employees are not settling for unsatisfactory jobs and a competitive pay rate can certainly influence job satisfaction. Indeed states that “competitive pay is one of the best ways to attract and retain talent.” This is not only about appropriate salary, but also includes proper benefits packages. Most employees look for: flexible work, excellent work-life balance, and career-development opportunities. You may be apprehensive to increase pay, but data shows that paying less ends up costing your store more in the long run due to increased training and hiring costs.

    3. Improve Scheduling Process

    It is important to offer flexible scheduling and make sure you aren’t over or under scheduling your employees, which can lead to burnout. Flexible scheduling is beneficial for your business as well as your employees.

    4. Optimize Business Practices Through Automation

    Add automation software to your business that runs reports. You can also invest in scheduling software that helps automate the employee schedule in order to save some time for the store manager. By automating simple task like this, you can end up freeing up a lot more time for employees to attend to other tasks.

    5. Increase Efficiency with New Technology 

    Faster software = less time performing task

    Increase your efficiency by investing in newer technology including computers, POS systems, internet, etc. When your technology speeds are optimal, your employees spend less time on the task!