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    The Benefits of Being a Single Store Owner

    goEBT provides EBT processing to over 26,000 convenience stores across the country.  Most of these convenience stores are owned and operated by a single individual who often only owns just one store.  Often, these small business owners get discouraged by their lack of resources, experience, or just sheer volume.  However, some store owners have embraced the uniqueness of being an entrepreneur that’s running a very small business.  If you haven’t realized it already, there are several benefits to being a single store c-store owner and operator.

    Keeping Control

    The most obvious benefit to having a small business is that you, as an owner, can maintain all the control over what happens with the business.  From store layout to stock levels, a c-store owner with only one or two stores can make decisions on even the smallest details.

    Being Specialized

    C-store owners with just one store have the opportunity to specialize their business. By becoming a source for consumers to get that one food item they can’t get anywhere else or even some other unique items, a c-store owner can easily become an important part of their community.  Some of the specialized store types that have seen success are:

    • Ethnic stores – African, Asian, Hispanic foods and items.
    • Food service/quick serve – Have a deli or other prepared food options
    • Local items – Carry mostly locally-sourced products
    • Healthy options – Provide access to healthier food options


    Single store owners are able to shift focus, change plans, and try new things quickly and frequently.  Without the challenges presented by large teams and corporate policies, these c-store owners can make decisions as they go and accommodate their business’ needs nimbly.

    Having Personal Relationships

    C-store owners who are very hands on with their store every day usually have some personal connection with the customers who spend their money at the store.  This hands-on approach is something that customers love and also makes it easier for the store owner to know what’s happening in the store, as well as what customers do and do not like about their business.

    While it might be easy to pay attention to the challenges that exist for an independent, single store c-store owner, taking some time to appreciate the differences in your business.  There are a lot of independent operators in the c-store space and they all contribute to their communities in an important way.  If you haven’t already, take some time to decide how you can embrace your small business and make the most of your business.  With the right approach and hard work, you can easily grow your business and likely even expand!