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    Top Products You Must Stock for the Super Bowl

    To prepare for the Super Bowl, U.S. consumers spend $14.3 billion every year, with 79% of people purchasing only food items[i]. No matter where your c-store is, you will undoubtedly be catering to customers who are coming to stock up on all the most popular game day essentials. This means that you need to make sure you are providing the items that shoppers want the most.

    Big Brand Alcoholic Beverages

    The number one category you should be concerned about during Super Bowl Sunday is alcoholic beverages. More specifically beers, such as Budweiser. The Bud company is partnering with many stores to provide customers with savings on their favorite beer. “We have found consumers tend to have a higher sense of brand loyalty when entertaining around the holidays and special events”[ii]. Seek out the big brands that want to sell in your stores, and take advantage of the customer base they have already built. They are more likely to buy the beers they already know they love on special holiday or events.

    The Candy Bowl

    In addition to the big beer brands, you should also be stocking the largest candy brands. Some candy brands may even have special edition items available just for the Super Bowl. Many of these candies will have ad space and TV air time during the commercials, so many items will be fresh on their minds. What better way to attract the impulsive buyer than to have the very last item they saw on TV?

    This year Snickers and Skittles have even teamed up to have their own competition. The "Candy Bowl'" pits the two candies against each other in an interactive competition. Consumers will be able to take pictures and participate in different activities to compete for one grand prize encouraging customers to buy more of the candy.

    2-Liter Soda and Energy Drinks

    Our number three pick is carbonated beverages. Make sure you have a large variety of 2-liter sodas and major energy drink brands such as Monster and Red Bull. Some retailers are even offering deals or promotions encouraging customers to pick up multiple bottles or cans of their favorite beverage. Customers who are throwing a party and will be coming to you for their drink needs will likely be searching for more than just one beverage to satisfy their guests.

    Large Bags of Chips or Pretzels

    Make sure you stock some salty snacks to compliment your drinks and sweets. Consider popular flavors such as barbecue, salt and vinegar, original, or sour cream and onion. Don't be afraid to carry multiple brands and a variety of pretzels to compliment your chip inventory. Having a good selection will ensure that the customer will find their favorite bag of chips in your c-store.

    Fresh Items for the Last Minute Shoppers

    You may want to consider expanding your fresh product selection right before game day. Customers will be inclined to grab some last minute game day essentials such as salsa, guacamole, fruit and veggie trays, or sandwiches. Position these items in the front of your store so that every customer will be able to see your fresh variety.

    Super Bowl Sweets

    In addition to candy make sure you have stocked up plenty of cookies and desserts for the customers who want something sweet to snack on all day. Even certain types of protein and granola bars can even be considered sweet options for the health conscious consumer. Make sure you are organizing these products together so your customer does not have to search all over the store for the specific item they are craving.

    The Extras You May Forget

    In the excitement of preparing for game day, do not forget to stock plenty of dips and condiments. Canned tomatoes or jars of salsa, cheese dip, ranch, ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise are all in high demand for big sporting events. Customers who have forgotten to purchase these items in big grocery stores will be depending on your store for the convenient and quick pick-up.

    Overall, make sure you are considering all of the major products that customers will be looking for before and during the Super Bowl. Do not disappoint by forgetting products that your competitors will definitely be carrying.