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    How to Market Your QSR to Increase Foot Traffic

    Marketing your QSR may be easier than you think. Taking advantage of simple marketing tactics can be helpful for all kinds of retailers, but here are some tips for how to market your QSR to increase foot traffic…



    Social media is an excellent, cost-effective marketing tactic. You can post pictures of your food items, behind the scenes videos, reviews, and more to create a brand for your QSR. Additionally, you can run paid ads to target individuals in a certain location to help raise awareness for your business.


    A user-friendly, accurate, and on-brand website is more likely to draw people in than an outdated, non-user friendly one. Be sure that all your information is up to date, especially your location, hours, and menu. You should also include updated photos of your food items, storefront, and even your staff. Keeping your website functional and updated is vital, nothing is more frustrating for a customer than finding out that information like business hours or menu items are inaccurate.


    Your menu is a great way to show off your brand and advertise all the good things you have to offer. Consider the brand you want to create so that you can pick the best fonts, graphics, and colors for your menu. Don’t be afraid to do something a little different! Advertising your menu on your website, social media, and even mailing them out to residents in the area is another great way to raise awareness for your QSR.


    Despite the rise in digital marketing, print advertising is not dead. It is actually a pretty cost-effective way to advertise to your local community. You could send out special promotions, like a coupon on deliver or in-store purchase. You could also drop your menu off at apartment complexes in the area to reach more people as well as post flyers around your community. You can easily create your own flyers on websites like Canva.


    Networking with other local businesses and getting involved in your community is another great way to market your business. Once you’ve built a relationship with other local businesses, you can place flyers in their shop or even partner with them for local events, bringing more traffic into both of your businesses. When you become more involved in your local community, residents will start to recognize your business more and more and eventually you will become a community staple!


    While marketing your store can seem daunting, there are definitely plenty of cost-effective marketing strategies that may be easier to do than you think!


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