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    Product Spotlight: Jack Link's A.M.

    Jack Link's has rolled out a whole new twist on their famous meat links. Now introducing a breakfast line with high and complete protein meat that will allow customers to enjoy Jack Link's any time of day. Jack Link's A.M. will allow customers to pick from bacon or sausage flavors that will appeal to a variety of tastebuds. Their goal was to create an innovative product for the breakfast category, something with options for everyone. From sweet to salty to smoky, Jack Link's A.M. is a diverse new product that is likely to be a hit in your c-store.

    The Flavors

    Made with applesauce this flavor is tender sausage with a smoky aftertaste.

    Awaken tastebuds with a spicy, savory & juicy sausage flavor.

    Bacon with a tender, smoky, and savory applewood flavor.

    Bacon with an applewood smoke and brown sugar flavor that is both salty and sweet.

    An Innovative Morning Product

    With a variety of sizes including 4oz, 2.5 oz, 1.4oz, and 1.25oz, Jack Link's A.M. comes in bite sized bags in every flavors as well as a twin link pack for the original sausage flavor. The new products starting retail price vary from $1.99 to $6.99.

    Ranging from 120 to 160 calories, customers are also likely to enjoy the new morning line due to its low calorie nature. Shoppers that are on-the-go and wanting something filled with protein will be reaching for Jack Link's A.M.