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Organizing the Middle Aisles

When it comes to maximizing space within your convenience store, sometimes, it can be hard to come up with creative layouts that really market to your customers without them knowing it. Working within a small budget can make the organization even harder, cutting back on your options for the final store layout.

However, utilizing the middle space that comprises any convenience store today can actually be a clever and creative way to make your store seem more appealing to patrons.

Here are 5 tips for organizing your store’s middle aisles this year:

  1. To The Right: Did you know that studies show more consumers tend to look immediately to the left when they enter the store instead of the right? Therefore, if you steer customers immediately to the right, they will loop the store counter-clockwise before they leave, really examining everything you have put in those middle aisles. The key is getting these consumers to take their time and meander through your middle aisles without making an obvious push.
  2. Displays: If you want consumers to be excited by your store, set up displays that make a case. Use your middle aisle space for cardboard or painted displays that advertise a sale or a forthcoming coupon. Don’t worry about overwhelming shoppers – it’s perfectly acceptable to have one, if not two, displays situated in the middle of your store.
  3. The Arrow Shape: No, you don’t have to structure your aisles parallel to the exterior walls. You can actually angle them inward, creating a large middle aisle that leads directly to the back wall. This is a great way to get consumers in that middle aisle, as well as advertise your best products along the back wall. They’ll naturally end up there as they peruse the store layout.
  4. Chop It Up: Studies by Walmart have proven that long, monotonous aisles intimidate and overwhelm shoppers. With your middle aisles, cut them in half, giving shoppers the illusion that they have more space and time to navigate your store and decide where they want to walk. Don’t trap them in a never-ending aisle that may even cut out natural lighting from its size.
  5. Natural Light: By the time consumers reach your middle aisles, they are probably without the natural lighting they just left on the street. A great way to make them feel comfortable is to install lighting in or above the middle aisles that is soft in tone, proving them with a more enjoyable experience. No one likes to shop in fluorescent, dimly lit aisles.

Make the Most of Your Middle Aisles

The middle of your store doesn’t have to be a lightless, lackluster area that deters customers. Instead, liven it up with displays, angled arrangements, and breaks in-between aisles and stands that makes it interactive and engaging.

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