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    TruAge Age Verification Solution: A New Way to ID

    TruAge is an innovative, universally accepted age-verification system that makes it more accurate to verify an adult customer’s age when purchasing age-restricted products, and at the same time makes identity theft difficult. One-time-use digital tokens are used to share only the most important elements to confirm the purchaser is of legal age, which also protects the user’s privacy. Since 2021, the product has grown, receiving support from 120 retailers, 11 POS vendors and counting, representing 22,000 locations.

    With approximately 54 million age-restricted transactions per day, it is important to not only protect your business but also prevent minors from gaining access to these age-restricted items. A large amount of convenience store sales come from beer, tobacco/e-cigarettes, and lottery, so it is important to ensure your store is accurately IDing on age-restricted transactions. TruAge™ solves this problem for you, eliminating the stress of legal consequences from improper ID on age-restricted sales.


    Another major benefit of this technology is that it allows for easier ID verification for online alcohol sales, which grew more than 80% in the U.S. from 2019-2020. If your store has been hesitant on offering delivery services due to age-restricted products, TruAge™ provides the perfect solution.


    TruAge™ also protects the consumer’s privacy by showing only birthdate and photo, compared to the traditional driver’s license which contains personal information, such as home address. Since 90% of consumers express support for a nationwide age-verification standard, it is important to provide a product that protects their privacy. Another consumer bonus is that TruAge™ eliminates the need to carry around a driver’s license, since the app features a scannable barcode that verifies your identity.


    Overall, TruAge™ is receiving support from all areas: store owners, tobacco companies, alcohol companies, POS companies, and consumers! goEBT is a brand of CDE Services, Inc. Learn more about how CDE will be supporting the deployment of TruAge™ in goEBT’s press release about TruAge Age Verification Solution.