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    Merchant Snapshot: University Farmers Market

    For this month’s Merchant Spotlight, we spoke with Jeremiah from University Farmers Market in Mesa, Arizona.  Three months ago Jeremiah took over the 40-year-old convenience store, and is enjoying the opportunity to continue growing the business.  Jeremiah has made a lot of changes and additions to the store in just a short time and says he’s already seeing the benefits.

    Jeremiah says that he believes focusing on all the small details will have a big impact on his c-store’s success.  That’s why Jeremiah is investing in changes to his c-store’s appearance like sidewalk signage, new flag poles, and even a large electronic sign to bring more customers in.  He has started making some light renovations and plans to do even more in the future.

    On top of accepting EBT payments, Jeremiah has already added an ATM and our C-Store Solutions Bill Pay service to his store.  These enhancements have increased foot traffic and additional revenue for University Farmers Market.  Jeremiah’s other new investments that have resulted in business growth include hot coffee options and 32 oz. sodas for just 59 cents, a deal customers can’t resist.  While all of these features make University Farmers Market a favorite destination for many regulars from the area, Jeremiah says he’s still on a mission to bring in more new customers, and he’s hoping that his newest addition, Dippin’ Dots ice cream, will help.

    One thing that sets University Farmers Market apart from other c-stores is their privately produced and packaged bags of ice.  Jeremiah says that selling his own bagged ice has been great for bringing customers into his store and boosting his profits.  He  plans to pursue more unique revenue streams at this store, like adding a car wash on his large property.

    Jeremiah shared that he feels he has learned a great deal as a c-store owner and would love to open more locations as soon as he can find the right person to run an additional location.  Jeremiahs current staff of five employees has allowed him to focus more on updating and maintaining the store, rather than spending all of his time behind the counter.

    The goEBT team is so happy for Jeremiah’s success at University Farmers Market and hope that he continues to enjoy business growth in his future endeavors.

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