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    Merchant Snapshot: Little Giant, Big Dreams

    Ravi Patel is the owner of Little Giant convenience store in Calhoun, Georgia. For the last six years, Patel has strived to make his business better than his competition by going above and beyond in the areas of customer service and convenience.

    Why Little Giant?

    Patel has never been the type to sit in front of a computer. He thrives off human interaction and loves being able to work around people every day talking to them and getting to know their families and everyday lives. He values his relationships with his customers and he strives to get to know who they are and what their favorite products are. Even though some customers may not want to chat, Patel goes out of his way to make sure that each and every person is properly greeted and assisted with anything they may need.

    Patel also works with his wife and mother, who are huge assets to his store. They do everything from stocking to running the register, and they play a big part in Little Giant's success.

    What is Patel Doing Different?

    • Enhancing Appearance; Little Giant received a remodel when Patel first took over in order to give the business a new start.
    • Defeating Competition; as the only source for 100% ethanol free gas in all of Gordon County, Patel offers something different that customers can only get at Little Giant.
    • Outstanding Customer Service; Little Giant understands that to have a successful business comes down to your relationship with the customer. He says, “It is all about the way you treat people”. Patel and his employees strive to get to know their customers and anticipate customer wants and needs.
    • Impressive Services; Little Giant also offers convenient services such as Bill Pay, Money Order, Prepaid Cards, and Phone Cards.
    • Innovative Products; Patel searches for the newest and greatest products so he can offer his customers a variety of options.

    What Are His Plans?

    Growth. The number one thing on Patel’s mind is expanding his business into a second c-store location. He hopes that this will help him form new relationships with customers in a different area. Owning a c-store means working long hours, and Patel believes that “everything takes time.” With the second store already in the works, it looks like the Little Giant family will be getting larger in 2017.

    Little Giant 
    1116 N Wall Street, Calhoun, GA 30701