Getting C-Store Customers Excited for Store Changes

No matter what kind of changes or updates you may be making to your c-store, there is a good chance that your customers will take notice and have some reaction to them.  Your goal as a store owner should be to reassure your shoppers that any changes you make are in their best interest and to help make any transitions easier on them.  Changes are a great way to prove to your customers that you care about their happiness and are willing to take action to ensure them that you’re paying attention to their needs and wants.  If you want to make sure that your customers react positively to store changes, you should put some effort into getting them excited for the changes before they happen.

Communicate Ahead of Time

The number one way to alarm your customers with changes is to make them without ever announcing them before they happen. Customers don’t want to feel jilted by sudden changes to your store, especially if they are regulars.  Imagine thinking you can run to your favorite c-store late at night only to find that the store hours have suddenly changed?  For many consumers, an incident like this could mean finding a new store.  Make sure that you are open about any upcoming changes and that you provide dates for when they will be implemented.

Also, be prepared to answer any questions your customers may have about the changes or updates, including “Why?”.  Although this could be a tough one to answer, it’s important that your customers know you are trying to improve their experience.

Post Updates

You and your employees may not get a chance to talk to every customer but with some simple marketing efforts, you can help inform even more people about changes to your c-store.  When you know you have a change or update coming, you should have some eye-catching posters and flyers made announcing the change and providing details.  This way, customers will know the changes are something you feel they should be aware of, not something to be secretive about.

Social media is another great way to keep consumers informed about what is going on at your store, including changes.  Your customers might not make it into the c-store to hear about the update, but through social media they can still be made aware.  If you’re making a major change to your store, like a forecourt remodel, you may even want to continuously post status updates so that customers can watch the progress.  This is a great way to engage your existing customers and hopefully bring in new ones.

Host a Reveal Event

Having an event is a great way to get your customers excited about changes.  If your making any existing changes, you can use the event to make announcements, unveil your changes, or both.  This way, customers can celebrate your c-store changes or updates instead of dreading them.

Fall has arrived, and the new year is just around the corner.  If you’re planning to make a change, whether it’s installing a new cooler or changing to 24-hour operation, make sure your customers are informed.  Take advantage of your c-store updates and changes to get your customers engaged and let them know you’re priority is their satisfaction.

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