Convenience Store Signage Basics

Every successful c-store needs to have encouraging signs both inside and outside of the store. This is your opportunity to speak to customers without ever meeting them. From attracting passing by cars to up-selling your customers inside the store, the quality and message of your signs matter. In this guide, we'll take a look at the qualities of a great c-store sign, and how you can improve the signs in your convenience store.

What Does a Great Sign Do?

A great sign will sell your store to your customers without you needing to say a word. A great sign attracts customers as they pass by in their cars or on foot. Whether you’re using flashy colors or wording that gets their attention, your sign will be able to sell your store in ways you couldn’t do alone. A great c-store sign will also inform customers. By looking at your sign, people passing by will be able to learn more about your prices, what you sell in your c-store, and more about your brand message.

Lastly but most importantly, a great c-store sign will encourage people to shop in your store, and once they are inside, your inside signage will encourage them to buy even more! Signs are one of your most powerful marketing tools for your c-store, so it's important you plan your signage. Here are a few tips.

Outside the Store

There are a few different kinds of sings that you should have outside of your c-store, all serving a different purpose.

  • Your main sign is to attract people as they pass to let them know you’re there.
  • You should also have window signs with your latest promotions or discounts. What products are you trying to push this month? These products should be prominently displayed on your windows so people know about them before even walking through the door. You should also advertise any discounts or sales like “Energy drinks 2 for $5” to attract customers to your store instead of your competitors that might not offer the discount.
  • You want customers to know the products that you sell in your c-store so they aren’t disappointed. It can be a short list such as “Hot coffee, cold beer, lottery tickets.” But it lets them know exactly what you have to offer.
  • On your door, you should prominently list the days and hours that you are open to ensure customers are informed and aren’t shocked to find you closed at 2 am.

Inside the Store

The inside of your store should have a variety of different signs and your walls, windows, registers, and cooler doors should all have signs.

  • On the cooler doors, you should again list any drink promotions you’re offering to attract customers to buy more in a “Two for One” type of deal.
  • You can also work with your distributor and advertise certain products using cardboard displays or banners they provide.
  • If you make food in-house, you should clearly display your health code rating so customers know they are eating quality food that is safe.
  • At the register, you’ll want to list the cards you accept to avoid any confusion and wasted time once customers go to make a purchase.


You can have a sign for practically anything but that doesn’t mean you should have a sign for everything. Think about the signs you currently have and what could be improved upon. Only choose the signs you think will communicate a valuable message to customers and will benefit your business.

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