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    C-Stores in the News

    It takes a lot of hard work and long hours to make your dreams come true. C-Store owners everywhere know this to be true. There are different challenges you face everyday, but the success you see makes it all worth while. In a competitive business like the c-store industry, there are always new trends  and products customers want. The good thing is, you're not in this alone, there are many c-store owners just like you looking for ways to be successful. When the hard work pays off,  be sure to give back to the community that helped you.

    Here are some of the c-store owners making news for their hard work and community outreach. 

    Lakeport Market

    Matt Paduano is making news for opening his first c-store. Paduano told CS News, “ There are camps, year round homes and good traffic flow. I saw a lot of opportunity here to be a destination for fuel food groceries, beverages, beer and snacks.” Having worked for two c-store companies over the course of 29 years, he understood what it would take to operate his own c-store.

    After 29 years with Nice N Easy, he decided to venture out and open Lakeport Market in March of 2018 . The c-store offers a foodservice program that offers fresh pizza, fresh subs, wraps, fried fish, and more. Matt learned a lot from working at Nice N Easy and used his knowledge and experience to find the right solutions for his store. For him, it’s more than being a convenience store, Lakeport Market is in fact, a market. He knows people won’t do their everyday shopping there, but locals can come there and buy products that a grocery store would sell.

    He focuses his attention on the community because the store is in a small town. He buys his products from as many local vendors as he can as well as having a separate beer cave section for New York State craft beer brands. Paduano says “If you ask my kids, much of my day is spent standing around talking to customers.

    To read the full article on Matt Pudano and his journey, click here.

    Goods Mart

    The Goods Mart is redefining convenience stores in California. Rachel Kupa had a vision for a more health conscious convenience store. The Goods Mart brings a twist to the typical c-store with it’s modern look and design. Kupa knows healthier fresher foods are typically more expensive, but she recognizes her target audience for her c-store and wants to offer the healthy options at a lower price. Her goal is to have the store be accessible for everyone.

    The “good” part of The Goods Mart goes beyond a store name for Kupa. Her goal is to do “good” within the community. At checkout, there’s an option for customers to add a tip and donate that money to local charities that change every quarter. She has also partnered with Lunch on Me to move food that is about to expire to the homeless.

    This is only the beginning for Rachel Kupa, as she plans on expanding the single store to multiple locations and help build communities around the stores she opens.

    Read the full article about Rachel Kupa here

    Community Outreach 

    Once a month CSP Daily News recognizes c-stores for their community service. For the month of October, stores focused on raising funds for breast cancer charities while others have raised money to assist with the efforts in recovering from damage caused by Hurricane Michael. 

    • Chevron USA Inc, donated $500,000 from the Chevron Community Fund to help those who have been affected by Hurricane. The donation will be split between American Red Cross and Volunteer Florida.
    • Sheetz is helping those in need in each state that they operate in by contributing weekly food donations through their Made-to-Share program. Their weekly donations include ready-to-eat sandwiches, wraps, and salads.
    • Circle K is raising money for National Breast Cancer Awareness month. For every person who scans their barcode from their mobile app when refilling their “pink ribbon” tumbler, they will donate 25 cents to breast cancer research.
    • VP Racing Fuels is also using this month in support on National Breast Cancer awareness.  VP Racing Fuels is selling t-shirts and special edition pink VP Racing Motorsports Containers. For every purchase of these items, the company will make a donation to the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

    Not only are the corporations doing it, but single store owners as well. AJ Jaber works with Citgo Gas, participating in a program called Spirit Program, where once a month they donate money to the local elementary schools. For 5 days every month, a percentage of all gas sales will go to help the local schools.

    Giving back to your local community let's your customers know you care about them. It's a small thank you for their business, assuring them it's more than just being a c-store, but being a part of the neighborhood.