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    2016 SNAP Summary: Stocking Rule Change Deadline Coming Soon

    We're well into the year 2017, and the May 17th deadline for ensuring your store is up to date with new SNAP retailer stocking regulations is fast approaching.  If you haven't already, look over the changes that have been made to stocking requirements and make sure your store is carrying all the right products to maintain SNAP retailer eligibility.

    Also, if you haven't already, you should take some time to look over 2016's SNAP Retailer Management Year End Summary.  Some of the highlights include:

    • 260,115 firms eligible to accept SNAP benefits as of September 30th
    • 26,301 new SNAP eligible firms
    • 22,403 firms removed from SNAP
    • A total of $66,376,562,067 in SNAP benefit redemption

    For more details and a breakdown of firm and redemption activity, check out the full PDF.