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    The Latest at goEBT

    If you’ve been a goEBT retailer before the start of 2016, you’ve probably noticed a few changes.  We’re staying true to our original promise of doing our best to help you grow your business, and in order to do so, we’ve been asking a lot of questions and adjusting our focus as necessary.  Here are some of our most recent efforts to improve our service to you:

    Improving Our Communication

    You may have noticed more emails from goEBT lately.  This is because we found that without a clear line of communication with store owners, we have no way of making sure they are getting the information and resources they may need in a timely manner.  We want to ensure that you aren’t kept out of the loop about anything, whether it be new programs available at goEBT or even updates on legislature that could affect your store.

    Asking for Your Feedback

    One of our most recent forms of communication have been online surveys.  We’re incorporating these types of surveys into our regular activities to make sure that we’re always on track with meeting your needs and even finding out what we could do better.  We greatly appreciate your participation in these surveys, as well as any other feedback you may provide to us.

    Adding to Our Services

    Every day, the goEBT team is working to find more new ways to help you increase your profits and/or make your life as a store owner easier.  In just a short time, we’ve expanded our offerings to include ATM solutions, access to great convenience store insurance pricing, a free exclusive buyer’s club, and more!  Because the industry is always changing and each store owner’s needs are different, we’re going to continue growing our own business to provide our retailers with as many opportunities as possible.

    The Website

    We recently completed a website redesign that made navigating to the information you need so much easier.  At goEBT, we value quality in everything that we do and it was important to us to ensure that’s exactly what we’re presenting in every aspect of our company.  We cleaned up not only the appearance of the site, but also the organization.  Now, retailers who visit the site can accomplish whatever they may need to much easier than ever before.

    The goEBT News

    If you’re reading this, you’ve most likely noticed that we now have a blog where we plan to continue sharing a variety of different content pieces.  We’ll be regularly posting information here about legislation changes/updates, c-store industry trends, goEBT programs, and more.  Also, subscribers will now receive the monthly goEBT Newsletter that provides highlights about what new content is available.

    We’re trusted by over 25,000 convenience and grocery store owners.  We take pride in making sure that we deserve that trust.  All of the changes and updates we make are implemented with store owners like you in mind.  We are more than just an EBT processing provider, we want to be a trusted partner to your business and provide resources and assistance wherever we can.  Our ears are always open to what’s happening in the convenience and small grocery store industries and we’re going to adapt as they evolve.  We appreciate your business and appreciate your patience as we continue working to provide the ideal experience and help you make more money.