The Advantage of Using Private Label Manufacturers

Do you want to increase store profits by up to 40%? If so, consider private labeling. Private label products are the number one tool driving convenience store sales growth and expansion today. They are an effective, affordable and easy way to increase your profitability and gain market share for your local area.

Recent trends from c-store sales support the effectiveness of private labeling. Stores that offer private label products see a sales increase of up to 40%. Why? Private label manufacturers are achieving this growth by competing in categories that used to be strongholds for national brands, such as single-serving snack bags, even staples like milk and bread.

With the introduction of different package sizes and types, new flavors, and higher-priced premium products, private label manufacturers offer a real competitive edge. Private labeled products are available to you cheaper than national brands, and with comparable quality. They provide a targeted promotional presence that serves to build your business long after the sale.

Consider the following advantage to private labeling:

  • Reduce your product costs. You’ll deal directly with suppliers when doing business with private label manufacturers, reducing expenses in the distribution chain.
  • Increase your profitability. Private label products generate higher sales, and with their lower wholesale costs, they provide you with increased profit margins. With this revenue, you can reinvest into your operations, expanding and specializing for even greater success.
  • Increase customer retention. With private labels, c-stores have the opportunity to create a unique and personal image. Having your own marketing brand promotes better customer recognition and loyalty to your store.
  • Promote your brand the way you want. With private labeling, packaging is designed to meet your specifications, including product name, description, logo and contact information. You can offer a superior product while at the same time providing an advantageously lower price to customers.
  • Rest assured with quality. You don’t need to worry about competing head-to-head with national name brands. Instead, private label manufacturers handle product development and competitive packaging. You can reap the benefits of their hard work in development.
  • Specialize to meet your customers’ needs. Due to the flexibility of private labeling, c-stores can acquire a variety of products which can easily be re-branded to meet specific purposes. This process can be done in no time and for a lower cost when compared to branded products. You can offer products that your customers want and need at a discounted price.

By combining close attention to quality, direct control over product placement, lower costs and targeted marketing, private labeling presents the perfect formula for a satisfied customer. By investing in private labeled products, c-stores can boost sales and positively impact customers. To find out more about private labeling, talk to your goEBT account manager. We’ll be happy to point you toward some great industry resources.

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