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    Outdoor C-Store Signage Trends

    Many c-store owners think that signage is something they don’t really have to focus their attention on.  However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Signage is how you communicate with your customers when you can’t speak with them directly.  The signage outside your store is how you communicate with them before they even get into your store.  If you aren’t looking for ways you can give the outside of your store a new look and increase your traffic, you should really be evaluating your outdoor signage.  There are so many options for outdoor c-store signage, don’t count out some of the industry’s latest innovations.

    Go Digital

    Customers are accustomed to more technology in the businesses where they spend their money, and now they’re much more impressed by businesses that take advantage of the latest trends in tech.  When it comes to c-store signage, digital signage is the most innovative and cutting edge as it gets.  Digital signage may seem like too big of an investment now, but once you add it to your store you’ll be grateful for the positive impact it will have on sales.

    Image result for digital signage c-store

    With digital signage, you aren’t limited to just one message on a screen and could even take advantage of real-time messages.  Today’s digital signage options are pretty easy to use and don’t require staff with a specialty in technology.  Digital signage allows you to add some variety and excitement to your store advertising without cluttering the outside of your store.  From showing pictures of your latest delicious food service item, to telling your customers about the newest craft beer you have in stock, digital outdoor signage allows you to bring customers inside your c-store for all types of reasons.

    Use Your Pumps

    If you have gas pumps outside your c-store, you’ve got a great way to capture your customers’ attention and bring them inside.  You’re not just limited to pump stickers, either.  Now you could, take advantage of advertising in all the following ways:

    • Hose Talkers

    Image result for hose talkers

    • Pump Toppers

    Image result for pump toppers

    • Nozzle Talkers

    Image result for nozzle talkers

    • Stand Up Signage

    Image result for water base sign

    • Pump TV Screens

    Image result for gas pump tv

    Bigger and Brighter

    Don’t be afraid to stand out with your outdoor c-store signage.  Customers are busy and constantly seeing advertising when both inside and outside of their home.  Many store owners are thinking outside of the typical signage and investing in larger, more exciting signs to bring customers in from the street. 

    • Feather Flag Banners

    Image result for feather flag banners

    • Air Dancers

    Image result for air dancers

    • Vinyl Banners

    Image result for vinyl banners

    Build Your Own Brand

    Don’t just limit your signage to advertising the products inside your store.  Invest in outdoor signage that will reinforce your own store’s branding.  Your store has an opportunity to stand out from the rest by establishing a name and reputation with customers, signage is a great place to start.  Make sure that your store’s name is clearly visible on a large, bright, and high-quality sign at all times throughout the day and night.

    You might even consider having a logo created for your store, that way customers can identify your brand with one simple image.  Think about how you want customers to remember your business.  Is it your super-quick service? Your cheaper than average prices? Do you carry items that your competitors don’t?  Use these factors when thinking about how you want to brand your c-store. 

    Signage outside your store should not be an afterthought.  Your outdoor signage could make the difference between whether a customer decides to come into your store or not.  While you never want to create a cluttered outside appearance of your c-store, you should always be thinking of how you can update and refresh your store’s image with signage.