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    Merchant Snapshot: Fast Stop

    Our October Merchant Spotlight goes to one of our multi-store owners, Mohmoud Z. from Louisiana.  Mohmoud is the owner of four stores:

    • Fast Stop of Dawnman LLC
    • Fast Stop of Mona Realty LLC
    • Fast Stop Savers
    • Fast Stop of Jefferson

    In his two years as a c-store owner, Mohmoud has invested a great deal of his time and effort into growing all of his businesses.  He says that while having great food and beverage choices is important, making great prices a priority has guaranteed him success in all four locations.  The Fast Stop c-stores are staying a step ahead of competitors by keeping prices fair and lower than other nearby stores.  Mohmoud says he is considerate of his customers and wants to make sure that he treats them the way they deserve to be treated.

    You can find a wide range of products at the Fast Stop c-stores, including cooked and prepared food like New Orleans Po Boys, hamburgers, sausages, hot wings, grits, and more.  The variety of food and beverages in Mohmoud’s stores keeps customers coming back time and time again.  The four locations, near the downtown New Orleans area, are also doing great due to a number of additional store services like Western Union money transfer service, our C-Store Solutions Bill Pay solution, and even cell phone sales.  With these additional solutions, Mohmoud can offer his customers even greater convenience than the average c-store.

    Mohmoud says that Facebook, printed flyers, and of course word of mouth, have all helped Fast Stop become a popular destination with many New Orleans customers.  His plans are to continue expanding and opening more locations.  Hopefully as the Fast Stop business keeps growing, goEBT and C-Store Solutions will have the opportunity to continue contributing to its success.


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