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    Looking for More C-Store Traffic? Try PUDO.

    We’ve talked a lot about some great ways to enhance or change your store this year.  From foodservice to better signage, we understand that there is a lot to consider when deciding on improvements for your c-store.  We are always hard at work developing partnerships and programs that will give retailers the opportunity to make these updates without trouble.  One of our newest efforts is a partnership with PUDO.

    What’s PUDO?

    PUDO is short for “Pick Up and Drop Off”.  With the boom of online shopping, many consumers need a safe place to have packages delivered when they cannot be home to receive them.  PUDO’s program turns your c-store into a location where your customers can have their online purchases delivered to your store and held for them to pick up when possible.  It’s similar to Amazon lockers, and a great way to provide an added solution to your customers while bringing them in to your store.

    Do I need any special equipment?

    This program doesn’t even require you to use extra counter space!  All merchants need is:

    • Dedicated protected space in their store to keep packages
    • Wi-Fi
    • PUDO tablet & scanner (provided for FREE)
    • PUDO signage (provided for FREE)

    How will this benefit my business?

    PUDO is an easy, no hassle way to gain more foot traffic for your store.  When consumers in your area place an order with certain online retailers, they’ll be given the option to select a PUDO point as their shipping address.  Your store and address will be automatically listed as a nearby location.  Customers who used PUDO can also bring packages they are shipping back to your store to be picked up by the shipping service.

    By bringing these consumers into your store to pick up packages, you are increasing the likelihood that they will buy other products while they’re there and become a loyal customer.  PLUS, did I mention that you make a $1 every time a package is picked up or dropped off in your store?

    How do I turn my store into a PUDO location?

    Signing up for the PUDO program is easy.  We’ve developed a partnership with PUDO so that you can sign up now and secure your location’s membership for free. 

    Visit our PUDO page to get started today:  Learn More