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    Information About goEBT EBT Processing Outage - July 2018

    Some time in the first week of July 2018, some goEBT merchants started experiencing interruptions to their EBT Processing service which prevented them from processing EBT transaction.  As retailers began to notify us, we immediately reached out to our EBT processing provider to begin finding a resolution for this issue.  As the processor, Conduent, continues to work to completely resolve the issue, we have been doing our best to make sure all of our merchants are informed about any updates that we may have.

    Here are some things to know about the service outage:

    • EBT Processing requires what is called a "Processor", which is a company that controls the nationwide system that makes sure money is transferred from an EBT card into the correct bank accounts.
    • The "processor" that goEBT uses to provide EBT Processing to our merchants is a company called Conduent.  
    • goEBT programs our EBT Processing terminals to work with Conduent's system and provides them to merchants.
    • Other businesses may be accepting EBT payments with a terminal that is programmed to work with another processor.
    • The current outage is NOT because of an issue with the terminals themselves, but an issue with the system Conduent uses to process the transactions.
    • Conduent has been working actively from the time the outage first began to test possible solutions and apply a fix.
    • As of July 12, 2018, Conduent believes they have identified the error in the system that is preventing transactions from processing completely and is still testing to find the right solution.

    We will continue to keep merchants update via messages on our website, text message alerts, and email as Conduent provides us with information.