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    CStorePro: Easy to Use Management Software

    Do you often find yourself stressed out over your store’s inventory or reporting?  Are you ready to start using your c-store’s data to improve your business, but not sure where to start?  C-storePro can help with both these things, and more!

    What is C-StorePro?

    C-StorePro was created by c-store owners for c-store owners.  The all-in-one back office solution allows business owners to manage their stores with just one easy-to-use software program.  C-StorePro offers a variety of packages with features that include:

    • Live Transaction Monitoring
    • Live Price Changing
    • Inventory Tracking
    • Automated Daily Reports
    • Customizable Store Reporting
    • Fuel Management and Delivery Tracking
    • Lottery Management

    With C-StorePro, store owners can monitor their store’s activity, analyze their reports, and adjust inventory from their laptop, tablet, or even personal smartphone.  That means store owners can say goodbye to mountains of paper work and difficult processes and say hello to simple streamlined functionality.

    How does it benefit c-store owners?

    Every store owner and manager wants to see their store succeed, and C-StorePro makes that even easier to guarantee.  The visibility and control that the software offers allows already busy retailers the opportunity to free up some of their time for other activities, or even some relaxation. PLUS, C-StorePro’s software is developed by passionate engineers that value innovation and top of the line security.

    C-StorePro is the ideal tool for store owners and operators who are ready to take control of their store’s back office activities without all the hassle and confusion.  Some of the other benefits include:

    • Scalibility – the software is built to accommodate stores as business grows and the c-store industry changes.
    • Affordable – C-StorePro is top-notch technology at a reasonable rate.
    • Flexible – The software can be customized to a unique store’s needs and even integrated with POS systems.
    • User Friendly – The platform allows store owners to do everything from one screen.
    • Well Supported – The C-StorePro team provides free set up and training to all stores and their support team is always available for questions or issues.


    Getting started with C-Store Pro is pretty simple, and they even offer a free trial! You can visit their website today to sign up and after 30 days, choose either a single store ($39/month) or multi-store ($59/month) plan.