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    Avoid the Risks of Poor C-Store Cleanliness or Food Safety

    It’s no surprise that consumers prefer establishments that are clean and safe, even convenience stores.  No one wants to risk getting sick simply from using the restroom or grabbing a snack.  If you aren’t keeping your c-store clean and complying with regulations, you are not only putting the health and safety of consumers and employees at risk, you’re risking your business too.  Take a moment to consider the possible outcomes of not maintaining a clean store or following foodservice safety rules.

    Customer Loss Is Guaranteed

    If your store isn’t up to the cleanliness standards of consumers, they simply will not spend their money at your business.  So, while you may not see a loss of consumers, you could be missing out on profits that you don’t even know exist because the consumers simply won’t come in.

    If your consumers have a negative experience because your store isn’t clean, or you aren’t taking the proper food safety measures, the loss could be even greater.  Consumers who have had a bad experience will let others know about it and may even inform the health department or other regulatory agencies.  An upset or sick customer could result in publicity that you may not recover from.

    Doing the Right Things is Cheaper

    When you are operating your store on a small budget or without much help, you may feel that paying cleanliness and food safety is something you don’t want to focus on.  However, you’re saving yourself a lot of money and positioning your business to be more successful by making sanitization and cleanliness a priority.

    There are many resources available, even for single-store owners, that make food safety and cleanliness affordable and easy.  You are better off investing in your store’s cleanliness up front than taking the risk of paying the hefty fines for not meeting health codes or losing a great deal of business. 

    You Could Limit Your Growth

    If you aren’t making cleanliness and sanitation a priority, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table in terms of business growth.  When your store isn’t meeting consumer standards, you won’t have a good idea of what you can do to grow the business even more. 

    The stores that aren’t in the best condition are often only frequented by those who buy the same items time and time again.  This means store owners are left with an unclear idea of what will bring in more consumers and cause them to spend more money.  Also, when the stores can’t bring in more customers and make more money, their budget for making improvements will stay small.

    You Don’t Have to Suffer

    Avoiding the negative impact of poor cleanliness, food safety, or sanitation is much easier than many c-store owners may think.  There are companies that provide services and products that make cleaning and sanitizing simple and will even handle the responsibility for you so that you can use your time wisely.  Take the time to understand what you need to make sure your store is up to code and meets consumer standards, then develop an ongoing routine for making sure your business is always in compliance.  Being proactive about cleanliness and sanitation could be the answer to long term success for your store and keep you from thousands of dollars in fines or even a closed store.


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