The REAL Benefits of goEBT Bill Pay

"Our customers' happiness is our number one priority". This is something most businesses live by, but have you thought about WHAT will really make your customers happy and what your business can do to make that happen? goEBT's Bill Pay is one of the many solutions we offer to add value for your customers. 

A bill pay solution is a system that allows customers to pay their bills directly in your c-store. We offer a a countertop bill pay system for your customers who do not have a bank account, prefer to pay their bills in cash, or enjoy the convenience. Most Americans who pay their bills in cash tend to be of low income and pay their bills by walk in. In a high traffic EBT area, adding Bill Pay is another benefit your customers can enjoy. 

By adding Bill Pay you will increase foot traffic and you will see your revenue increase in more ways than one. How? Watch the video to find out!

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