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    The Benefits of a Countertop Bill Pay Solution

    As a c-store owner, your primary goal besides making millions in profits is to give your customers the best experience possible. One of the best ways to improve the customer experience in your store is to expand your services and offerings. You offer the latest, trendy products, you rearrange your store for easier navigation, and adjust your hours to meet their schedules.

    One thing you might not have considered is a bill pay solution. If you aren’t aware, a bill pay solution is a system that allows customers to pay their bills directly in your c-store. This system works for customers that pay their bills in cash, are skeptical of online banking, or just want extra convenience.

    There are a few different options available including standalone kiosks, countertop systems, and computer-based platforms. Today we'll discuss the unique benefits of adding a countertop bill pay system to your c-store compared to a kiosk system.

    Convenience for Customers

    Not everyone has the time to write a check and send it through the mail to their utility company. While online billing has become popular, customers without access to a checking account need a different, cash-based solution. By offering this bill pay solution to them, they have the convenience of paying their bills in their favorite c-store with cash. This service allows you to reach even more customers while providing them with the convenience they need.


    If you were to consider a bill pay kiosk, you would have to give up precious space in your c-store. Your primary goal is to maximize every square foot of the store, and a bill pay kiosk is an added hassle that can get in the way. With a countertop solution, the small device sits neatly out of the way while offering the same functionality as the larger kiosks.

    You don’t need to give up much counter space, and you only need one to take full advantage of the benefits. Also, the countertop system is virtually identical to your existing card machine, and incredibly easy for you and your customers to use with a familiar process your customers are used to already.


    With a kiosk bill pay solution, you would need on-site support to keep up with the daily technical maintenance. This can add strain and hassle to your c-store. Countertop solutions are much more reliable and do not require on-site maintenance with minimal technical disruptions. The best part is you don’t have to sacrifice speed, convenience, or space for the same functionality.

    New Revenue  

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    Apart from the added convenience for your customers, a countertop bill pay solution offers bottom-line-boosting perks. When you use the goEBT countertop bill pay system, you can make potentially $1 off of each bill pay transaction. This might not seem like much to some, but when you consider how often people pay bills, the results are worth the investment. Diversify your revenue stream and add a new service your customers will use monthly.

    Get Started!

    Countertop bill pay systems provide a win-win benefit for not only your customers but your c-store as well. If you would like to get started, feel free to get in touch with us today.Click Here!