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Why Flat- Rate EBT Processing Makes Sense

Building Your Business, SNAP Tips June 19, 2018

We know that customers hate surprises. Most companies have hidden fees and confusing rates that end up costing you more. They take advantage and hide charges that are in the small print that you...

Debunking Myths About EBT Processing/SNAP

Building Your Business, goEBT News, SNAP Tips June 12, 2018

There’s a lot of myths surrounding EBT processing. Some common concerns may be:

2018 Legislation Round Up

Building Your Business, Industry News, SNAP Tips February 15, 2018

Since 2018 has started our government has shutdown twice, new tax laws have taken effect, and a new government budget has finally been approved.  With so many new rules being considered regularly,...

New SNAP Stocking Rules: Take Action Now

Building Your Business, goEBT News, Industry News, SNAP Tips January 02, 2018

As we reported before,  SNAP retailer requirements have changed, and these changes will impact your c-store in the immediate future Per the changes made to the retailer qualifications, the Food...

Card Processors Trick C-Stores Into New Contracts

goEBT News, Industry News, SNAP Tips September 01, 2017

Be on the alert - there's a new EBT scam in town, and they're targeting goEBT customers. Recently, we’ve had several retailers call us and ask if we were sending them updated equipment from...

How to Succeed in Low-Income Areas

Building Your Business, Consumer Trends, SNAP Tips August 25, 2017

As a convenience store owner, it’s important to know who your primary customer is and how to best serve them.  If your c-store, like so many others, is in an area where most of the consumers are...

Top 6 Fourth of July C-Store Essentials

Consumer Trends, Industry News, SNAP Tips, Seasonal Trends June 26, 2017

In 2016, it was estimated that almost $7 billion would be spent on food for the Fourth of July. Otherwise known as America's Independence day, this holiday has become an annual time of relaxation...

2016 SNAP Summary: Stocking Rule Change Deadline Coming Soon

goEBT News, SNAP Tips April 26, 2017

We're well into the year 2017, and the May 17th deadline for ensuring your store is up to date with new SNAP retailer stocking regulations is fast approaching.  If you haven't already, look over...

Meeting Stocking Requirements to Maintain SNAP Eligibility

goEBT News, Industry News, SNAP Tips March 03, 2017

Recently, the USDA passed a new rule regarding minimum stock requirements for SNAP authorized retailers.  The changes to the rule are significant, but should not be very difficult for convenience...

SNAP Through the Years

Building Your Business, Industry News, SNAP Tips February 16, 2017

Today, there are roughly 44.2 million Americans receiving food stamp benefits, including children.  With an average of $125 in benefits being issued to each individual in the program, the...