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It’s the beginning of the new year and the future is exciting. 2018, is in the past and done. No matter how hard you wish you can’t reverse time, but you can still take a look at the helpful articles, that have been written, at goEBT. Even though each article is helpful and can make a positive difference for your store, here are the most read posts of 2018. 

Do You Know Who Uses SNAP/EBT?

Building Your Business, Consumer Trends, Industry News, SNAP Tips

As experts on the government safety net program, SNAP (also known as food stamps), it’s important to us that retailers considering or currently participating in the program are aware of the facts that surround the way benefits are issued and eventually spent in their store.  While most store owners understand how valuable being a SNAP retailer is to their community and their own business success, there are some business owners that aren’t quite sure just how SNAP could impact them.  Some store owners even assume that the people who will be coming into their store to use SNAP/EBT cards are not the type of customer they would want.  We want to give you the FACTS so you can accept EBT cards with confidence in your store.

Make Fresh a Priority Without a Challenge

Building Your Business, Consumer Trends, SNAP Tips, C-Store Trends

Fresh foods are one of the fastest growing trends in retail and grocery. As supermarkets have adapted to consumers’ evolving eating habits by offering more organic and healthier products, convenience stores have also started to make the change. Aside from healthier foods, they want fresh food, food that is prepared just before they purchase it. Selling fresher and more nutritional foods may seem like a challenge at first, but it is a small change that could have payback. 

Merchant Question: "Can I sell energy drinks?"

Building Your Business, Consumer Trends, goEBT News, SNAP Tips

Question: “Can I sell energy drinks?” -Ranny Gammo, Peck Market

Merchant Spotlight: Khurram Ghani

Building Your Business, Merchant Spotlight, SNAP Tips

Khurram Ghani opened his first store, Island Lake BP, in 2015. After seeing success with this store in a small community, Khurram saw an opportunity to expand and open a second store. His second store, Jefferson BP, was opened in Joliet, IL in 2017. In a town with close to 170,000 people, he saw a lot more room for growth and success. 

New SNAP Retailer Application: Submit Your Comments

Building Your Business, SNAP Tips

The government agency that controls the SNAP program, FNS, has released their proposal for the newest version of the application that a store owner must complete to become a SNAP retailer.  We want to make sure that retailers like yourself are aware of some of the changes that have been made that could directly impact the ability for small business owners to be approved to accept SNAP payments.

Merchant Spotlight: AJ Jabr

Building Your Business, Merchant Spotlight, SNAP Tips

Our Merchant Spotlight for September goes to AJ Jabr, a multi store owner in Michigan. The family owned business has been successfully running Citgo Gas for 3 years and 2575 Dix Station Inc for 12 years. 

5 Ways to Compete with Larger C-Store Chains

Building Your Business, Consumer Trends, SNAP Tips, C-Store Trends

Large c-store chains are expanding and with big box stores like Walmart have recently expanded into the convenience store industry , the competition is getting even more intense. To keep attracting customers and driving profits for your store, you will have to do things differently to compete. As a small c-store owner, you may be wondering how you can compete with the c-store giants. We have a few tips that will ensure your customers will continue to pick your business over a large c-store chain.

Why Your Customers' Income Level Is so Important

Building Your Business, goEBT News, SNAP Tips

You may have heard people say that you need to understand your customer 'demographics'.  Demographics are facts or characteristics that can be counted or measured about a certain population or group of people.  These numbers can help people like business owners and government officials make decisions about certain areas.

Why Flat- Rate EBT Processing Makes Sense

Building Your Business, SNAP Tips

We know that customers hate surprises. Most companies have hidden fees and confusing rates that end up costing you more. They take advantage and hide charges that are in the small print that you do not see until it’s too late. The charges end up costing you a fortune, but to end your contract will cost you even more money.