Merchant Topic: How do I gain more Bill Pay customers?

Question: "What is the best way to gain more bill pay customers?" - Morad Issa, Nada #1

In communities where there is a heavy population of unbanked or underbanked consumers, finding a way to pay bills is a challenge.  That’s why several companies have created solutions that allow local neighborhood retailers like convenience stores and grocery stores to process their customers’ cash payments for their bills.  While it used to be only chains that could offer this technology, companies like InComm and goEBT are offering solutions for small and independent store owners.  While the large companies have much less trouble bringing in more customers and promoting their new products and services, the new smaller stores are often left wondering how they can compete.

Well, we’re here to help! Here are some ways you can boost your stores’ foot traffic by bringing in more Bill Pay customers, who are likely to spend more.

  • Signage

You might be thinking, “we already have signage.”  But the question is: Are you using it right?  

Using your signage to bring in more customers who need to pay their bills in cash isn’t as simple as just putting a sign in your window.  Make sure that you’re following all the following guidelines:

  • Reduce your signage clutter, you want the most important signs to be noticed.
  • Put signage in multiple places – both inside and outside your store.
  • Get creative – try signs that are bright, lighted, large, etc.
  • Make sure your signage says whatever your customers will be interested in – what bills they need to pay, how fast transactions process, etc.
  • Make sure the sign is in the right language for your customers.
  • Know Your Customers’ Bills

To get more customers interested in paying their bills at your store, you may need to do some research.  Find out what companies people in your area are paying bills for most often.  You’ll want to make sure to let your customers know that they can pay as many bills as possible at your store so that they start to appreciate the convenience your business is providing.

  • Offer Specials for Bill Pay Customers

What better way to please your c-store customers than by giving them something free or offering a discount on products they love?  You can try offering a special deal on any product in your store anytime a customer pays a bill to keep them coming back again and again.  Who wouldn’t love a free beverage or pack of gum just for paying a bill they have to pay anyways?

  • Make Great Customer Service a Priority

This one should be guaranteed anyways.  Anytime your aiming to bring in more customers and increase your sales, you should be looking at your customer service.  It’s simple, consumers don’t want to spend their money at a business that doesn’t care about their wants or needs.  Make sure every customer has a great experience and they’ll be more likely to want to come back for more products or services like Bill Pay.

  • Connect with the Community

Unbanked and underbanked consumers in your area can’t pay bills in your store if they don’t know that you offer that service.  Try to get advertisements out in local neighborhoods to let the community know that you are now able to process their bill payments.  You could gain a lot of repeat customers by bringing in people who may have never had a reason to come to your store before.

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